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A guide for new bettors

The Guide is created by professional bettors. Its goal is for our followers to gain insight into the key concepts and how sports betting works.

This way, they can place better bets and win more money ... or at least lose less. This guide is intended for both novice and advanced users because we believe that you can always find a new concept or approach to make your predictions better. The aim of the guide is for it to be a living tool that helps you expand your knowledge and choose what, as a gambler, works best for you and suits your gaming profile. Gambling is not an exact science and what works for some players does not work for others. What is certain is that in this area, as in almost all of them, knowledge, prudence and perseverance are the best guarantees of success.

Bonuses in sports betting

The bonds sportsbook are essential to what we call 'trial and error'. They are a great learning-to-play tool for novice players, who can start betting and analyze their results without playing for their own money. Thanks to the bonuses, you minimize your possible initial losses when you start posting, because no matter how many guides and info you read, you already know that the movement is demonstrated by walking. For professional gamblers, the welcome bonuses serve to give a little air to their banking and to try new services by playing in other houses that are not their usual ones.

Information and tools for the bettor

As in all activities, tools are also important in sports betting. You can't make cakes without an oven, or change wheels without a jack. That is why all advanced or professional bettors use a series of tools that provide them with useful information, calculations or statistics when placing their bets. To make better forecasts, it is a very good idea to use tools that provide you with good data, calculate your returns or give you good tips for your forecasts.

  1. The best sports betting tipsters.
  2. Online bookmark -
  3. Statistics as key tools in sports betting.
  4. Sports betting calculators.